• How Are You Reducing Your Carbon Footprint?

Spekboom Consulting offers energy reduction solutions & planning by identifying areas of improvement through skilled analysis in order to help our clients save money, while having a positive impact on natural resources. We also offer certified Carbon Footprint reports and offer structured training and advice on offsetting the Carbon footprint of events & functions.

  • Certified Carbon footprint measurement for home, business & events
  • Detailed electricity consumption measurement & reporting

  • Ongoing footprint reporting, analyses & identifying possible solutions
  • Solution & buy-back analyses
  • Targeted cost reduction planning

  • Implement solutions through proven product offering and training
  • Stronger corporate image for businesses
  • Lower operational costs and ease demand on natural resources
  • Carbon offsetting & Carbon credits
  • Carbon neutral events
  • Staff, individual & household training
  • Be a responsible & prepared example to other businesses, individuals or households to implement similar foresight

certified carbon footprint report

Green Quote For Today

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.- Albert Einstein

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